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Map information covering the last 24 hours


Map namedm-turbo
Info3rd party add-on
Total player time28 mins
Time served22 hrs, 20 mins
Most players at once2

6 players have been using dm-turbo

[CBMP]animal9 mins
[T3]Blindman5 mins
Player (cumilative time)4 mins
nealcoolio4 mins
Diamon4 mins
ZatShaft2 mins

6 servers have hosted dm-turbo

HostnameServed timePlayer timeMax players
WOM Beta DM Server 150 mins10 mins2
Chunky Giblet Soup Dispenser5 mins10 mins2
WOM Beta Instagib Server 13 hrs, 27 mins4 mins1
noname ( mins4 mins1
Clanmatch Insta/10mins16 hrs, 51 mins00
WOM Beta Duel Server 11 hr, 3 mins00

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