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Server information covering the last 24 hours

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HostnameBig Bad Mog CTF I/R No respawn protect
IP & port149.210.138.19:27910
AdminClan CBMP
Total player time22 hrs, 26 mins
Most players at once7
Server version7.66.1 x86_64 May 10 2016 linux-gnu

Big Bad Mog CTF I/R No respawn protect has served 22 maps in the last 24 hours

MapServed TimePlayed TimePeak players
ctf-europa2k8-remix-1 hr, 3 mins2 hrs, 29 mins7
ctf-fortofpillars1 hr, 3 mins2 hrs, 12 mins5
ctf-bloodline49 mins2 hrs, 9 mins6
ctf-terminal43 mins1 hr, 46 mins4
ctf-atlantis15 mins1 hr, 42 mins7
ctf-bonechewer26 mins1 hr, 32 mins4
ctf-corrosion26 mins1 hr, 21 mins5
ctf-ahtcity31 mins1 hr, 17 mins3
ctf-sp33d28 mins1 hr, 7 mins3
ctf-invasion42 mins1 hr, 6 mins3
ctf-crypt-vn15 mins1 hr4
ctf-bsfortress16 mins48 mins3
ctf-icarus213 mins39 mins3
ctf-radia2k139 mins37 mins5
ctf-oblivion1 hr, 23 mins36 mins2
ctf-cryogenic15 mins30 mins2
ctf-titan2k815 mins28 mins2
ctf-htrae2k139 hrs, 40 mins24 mins2
ctf-purgatory2 hrs, 34 mins20 mins4
ctf-brownfield-beta15 mins14 mins1
ctf-stronghold1 hr, 43 mins8 mins1
ctf-nebulosa36 mins1 min1

14 players have played on Big Bad Mog CTF I/R No respawn protect in the last 24 hours

NameTimeAverage ping
Ufo/dds]Hoax'OS6 hrs, 8 mins51.6 ms
a93 hrs, 39 mins37.3 ms
Odin2 hrs, 55 mins29.1 ms
C42 hrs, 6 mins71.1 ms
buttinger1 hr, 35 mins21.9 ms
{CBMP}BeryCZ1 hr, 20 mins47.9 ms
caldera1 hr, 10 mins59.5 ms
Player01 hr, 7 mins184.4 ms
[GM]Jar'El46 mins16.7 ms
45 mins255.6 ms
EdTheHorse24 mins43.7 ms
THUG17 mins237.2 ms
kikabidze9 mins57.4 ms
Player#5 mins51.0 ms

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