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Server information covering the last 24 hours

Usage graph

HostnameDO Lunar Nuthouse -
IP & port46.165.204.129:27910
Total player time44 mins
Most players at once3
Server version7.66.1 x86 Sep 12 2015 Win32

DO Lunar Nuthouse - has served 6 maps in the last 24 hours

MapServed TimePlayed TimePeak players
dm-saucer2k916 mins35 mins3
dm-leviathan2k123 hrs, 3 mins6 mins1
dm-sp33d2 hrs, 36 mins2 mins2
dm-eternal47 mins1 min1
dm-invasion16 hrs, 9 mins00
dm-dynamo2k121 hr, 9 mins00

3 players have played on DO Lunar Nuthouse - in the last 24 hours

NameTimeAverage ping
Player29 mins55.7 ms
gezetaaa9 mins296.2 ms
The Don6 mins273.5 ms

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