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Server information covering the last 24 hours

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HostnameXulbia Insta/Lights
IP & port107.20.193.30:27909
Total player time4 hrs, 43 mins
Most players at once2
Server version7.66.1 x86_64 Aug 29 2015 linux-gnu

Xulbia Insta/Lights has served 20 maps in the last 24 hours

MapServed TimePlayed TimePeak players
dm-impact3 hrs, 18 mins1 hr1
dm-chasmatic2k935 mins35 mins1
dm-liberation26 mins24 mins1
dm-invasion15 mins17 mins2
dm-megakill7 hrs, 33 mins15 mins1
dm-babel2k111 hr, 26 mins13 mins1
dm-bloodfactory2k1218 mins13 mins1
dm-eternal13 mins12 mins1
dm-radia2 hrs, 23 mins11 mins1
dm-bonechewer40 mins11 mins1
dm-furious2k82 hrs, 10 mins11 mins1
dm-nkitrn11 hr, 10 mins10 mins1
dm-aquila30 mins9 mins1
dm-leviathan2k1241 mins9 mins1
dm-atlantis2k87 mins7 mins1
dm-catfight2kx9 mins7 mins1
dm-deathray44 mins7 mins1
dm-turbo2k87 mins7 mins1
dm-reckoning53 mins5 mins1
dm-warmachine2k1022 mins00

6 players have played on Xulbia Insta/Lights in the last 24 hours

NameTimeAverage ping
[OS]Cazazo1 hr, 37 mins173.2 ms
playit1 hr, 20 mins54.3 ms
glicious155 mins68.0 ms
Player22 mins122.4 ms
BigDick6917 mins127.9 ms
Pitzarro12 mins63.3 ms

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