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Map information covering the last 24 hours


Map namedm-wasteland
Infounknown - a new map!
Total player time33 mins
Time served36 hrs, 30 mins
Most players at once5

6 players have been using dm-wasteland

Xulb[OS]10 mins
[GM]late5 mins
[GM]Jar'El5 mins
player05 mins
No One5 mins
[WOW] nealcool3 mins

3 servers have hosted dm-wasteland

HostnameServed timePlayer timeMax players
Martian Attackers! Insta DM5 mins23 mins5
Big Bad Mog Deathmatch18 hrs, 52 mins10 mins1
Martian Attackers! FFA17 hrs, 33 mins00

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